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Кава з шампанським

Цей рецепт цікавий буквально всім - і незвичайними інгредієнтами, і формою подачі і, звичайно ж, смаком, який нікого не залишить байдужим.


  • мелена кава - 1 ч.л. з гіркою, 
  • вода - 100 мл, 
  • напівсухе шампанське - 2 ст. л., 
  • ваніль - щіпка.


  1. Розведіть в невеликій кількості води ваніль. 
  2. Налийте в турку воду. 
  3. Потім додайте ваніль і каву. 
  4. Варіть каву на невеликому вогні, а з появою пінки додайте шампанське. 
  5. Потім вимкніть вогонь і дайте напою настоятися пару хвилин.

Приємного кавування!

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In the Arctic, found a barrel of coffee in 1902

Scientists find Arctic barrel of coffee beans that had been left there in the early XX century. 

The discovery was made during an inspection of the camp of the American Evelyn Baldwin polar expedition in 1902. It said one of the study participants Leonid Kruglov.

Traveler researcher said that the camp, which he and his colleagues examined very well preserved. Although some buildings tempted waves, and they began to collapse, most of the parking expedition remained unchanged.

After the expedition to the site of the camp were many things that the researchers could find. Most of them are kept in excellent condition.

"We have here a lot of interesting discoveries, such as the barrel of perfectly preserved coffee beans" - says Kruholov. 

Furthermore scientist added that apparently lived on site parking a large number of polar explorers. 

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Collective Coffee maps Ukraine congratulate you on St. Mary's!

From my heart I wish a happy long life blessed under the shadow of the Blessed Virgin. Let each day brings only light thoughts and good deeds, let Virgin will send you and your family good health, prosperity, order and peace!

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What torrefakto? 

You probably know that the process of roasting beans is simple at first glance. In fact, many important details that can radically change the taste of the end product or even spoil the whole batch of coffee. 

Some sensitive versed in the nuances of the classics, while others go the other way, seeking new ways of roasting. It was then pops exotic word "torrefakto."

So what is it? 

Torrefakto called a special type of coffee roasting, in which the processing of beans to add a little sugar. He karamelizuyetsya, creating a thin crispy crust. This coffee has a dark color and characteristic shine.

Companies that sell this grain torrefakto and fans talk about the exceptional taste properties and benefits for the body of the drink. Is it, look on. Moreover, it often represented as something innovative that is not quite true. Just until recently torrefakto not spread further in several countries where this method was traditional roasting.

The story of torrefakto

In the thirties of the 20th century the Spanish Civil War broke out. The postwar years seemed scarce, and people had to look for various ways to save. Of course, the crisis has also affected the coffee. It became mixed with sugar and other additives cunning that allowed cheaper product without interrupting its true taste. In these difficult times and there torrefakto. This method of roasting allowed to kill several birds with one stone at a time.

First, the cost of coffee significantly reduced, because the grain was more expensive sugar.

Second, the "shell" of improvised caramel allowed to hide flaws as grain taste and flavors third-party products in mixed with coffee. This has been successfully used by manufacturers, reducing the number of "bases" in the pack. Also, consumers could slip cheaper varieties of Arabica, Robusta and a bad batch of grain.

Thirdly, due to drink out torrefakto rich and dense, with a bright flavor and noticeable bitterness. On the one hand, it contributed much needed time savings. In addition, unscrupulous sellers give extra room for fraud.

As you can see, the appearance torrefakto was dictated by necessity, poor conditions for life, not someone else's need for new taste sensations. On the other hand, many other inventions were created at random, but the result overturned the world upside down.

Torrefakto Of course, the effect was not as explosive, but this coffee quite caught on in Spain and some Latin American countries, becoming part of the national culture.

Today there on the shelves you can find many mixtures of grains torrefakto any percentage (unfortunately find good pure Arabica little harder). Gradually the coffee gets in other countries, but because of its specific taste is not always perceived to cheer.

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Проблеми та кава. Притча про каву

У одного бізнесмена запитали, що він робить, коли виникає проблема, яку він не може вирішити.

- Якщо я не знаходжу рішення проблеми, - відповів бізнесмен, - я вирушаю на кухню і готую собі міцну каву. Зазвичай, рішення проблеми приходить до мене ще до того, як я допиватиму першу чашку кави.

- А якщо рішення не приходить?

- Тоді я готую собі другу чашку міцної кави.

- А якщо ви не можете вирішити проблему і після другої чашки кави, ви готуєте каву втретє?

- Ні, - відповів бізнесмен, - в цьому випадку я перекладаю рішення проблеми на своїх підлеглих.

- А якщо і вони не зможуть нічого придумати?

- Тоді я просто радію з того, що знайшов час випити кави. І значить в будь-якому випадку цей час не було витрачено даремно.

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The taste of coffee torrefakto

The beginning of the article, see here 

As for the taste characteristics of coffee, fried torrefakto way, there are many different views. Some people just love it, speaking of nenav'yazlyu solodkisti, noble bitterness and texture, enveloping. 

There is even the view that the caramelized sugar in grain stores a lot more flavors, and the only way to experience the whole range of inherent individual varieties: citrus notes of prunes to finish.

Others believe a drink too bitter, cloying, lost the true taste and aroma of coffee.

If you forget and try to assess objectively say that the same thing happens with the grain, you get something like this:

  • The acidity is reduced almost to zero;
  • There is a palpable bitterness inherent toasted sugar;
  • Sweetness also appears.

Unfortunately, it all objective information. The rest comes down to personal taste and other external factors.

The perception of the final product depends on several factors:

  • Integrity obsmazhuvalnyka;
  • Skill obsmazhuvalnyka;
  • Personal preferences (sour bitter coffee);
  • The quality of the cooking.

Properties coffee torrefakto

In 2008, a group of Spanish scientists conducted a study which showed that beans roasted by torrefakto, contains far more antioxidants than usual.

That is, its use can be considered as a way to prevent cancer (which, incidentally, is actively used by companies that sell it). 

On the other hand, the effect of any Overdone products (including sugar) in the digestive tract is hardly positive. 

Such research on torrefakto has not been, so can only guess or try for yourself.

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