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How to cook a delicious coffee? 

Delicious coffee to help you wake up in the morning, keep cheerfulness during the day, give your life to fullness of life. But this coffee cook something does not come at all. 

The most delicious coffee, natural 

How to make delicious coffee? Delicious coffee and instant coffee - a concept exclusive. Instant coffee you can drink only in extreme situations, when to hand over nothing. Because then it will only organic coffee, which are used for high-quality coffee beans, roasted and milled by all the rules. And of course, we talk about coffee, welded by hand. 

Fresh coffee success 

Coffees particular importance for the layman usually not. Inexperienced in coffee people prefer coffee with sugar and flavored. Coffee lover is not only pay attention to the variety, but also on the degree of roasting, grinding fineness, density foam. 

The first thing to do to buy good coffee beans. When buyers see that coffee you buy, not standing near the lamps. Light and heat adversely affect the grain. Buy the freshest coffee you need, you just see. If you know how to fry grain green take to prepare fresh every time a drink. Store bought coffee in an airtight container. And do not make strategic reserves: enough week. 

Ground coffee immediately after grinding begins to lose flavor and taste, so store grind it should not be. Put in a coffee grinder coffee beans as much as you need for one or two cups. Grinding coffee that you cook in Turka (CEZVE and even simple kovshyke) should be very thin. 

Cook Coffee properly 

How to make delicious coffee? Once you milled coffee beans (and should leave virtually coffee powder), proceed to making coffee. The Turks pour pure spring water, add two tablespoons of ground coffee per serving, and if you want a spoon or two of sugar. Water should reach up to the neck CEZVE. Should make coffee over low heat. As for water, then nothing can spoil the taste of coffee as chlorinated water from the tap. Use clean water, but still not the distilled, or taste the drink significantly poor. 


Coffee should not boil. Boiling - the destruction of foam, and thus the oxidation of essential oils, which when exposed to air quickly evaporates. Once the coffee has risen, it is necessary to remove the Turks from the fire.

Experiments with coffee 

Many people like to dilute the taste of coffee various additives. For example, in Turku add cinnamon, vanilla, cocoa, ground cloves, black pepper, and even fresh garlic. Popular additive to coffee - sea salt. Adds coffee visual ginger, spice - anise. Very tasty coffee is obtained if cook it with chopped hazelnuts or walnuts. Instead of sugar can sometimes be put in Turku coffee with honey. 

But to be honest, real coffee does not entail any taste improvers. In extreme cases, it can add milk or cream.

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Dac Lac Province in Vietnam opened a museum of coffee

In the capital, Buon Ma Thuot Dac Lac Museum opened World of Coffee. This is one of the most unusual museums in Vietnam. It is built in the form of a national housing indigenous peoples of the Central Highlands. Its owners hope that soon Buon Ma Thuot may be one of the world's coffee capital.

"Coffee - a treasure universe heritage of mankind and solutions for the future" - said on the official website.

The exhibition includes more than 10,000 exhibits. Some of them - present German museum Jens Burg. Space is built so that visitors can pass through Vietnam's coffee history all of their five senses. Some rooms can take pictures, and can only watch.

The design fully reflects the architectural traditions of the Central Highlands. In the high room gets plenty of natural light.

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Coffee lemonade

For lovers of coffee and a hot day there is a solution. This refreshing drink will give you an excellent taste and excellent refresh.


  • 400 ml of cold black coffee
  • 250 ml freshly squeezed lemon juice (about 2.5 large lemon)
  • 500 ml tonic
  • ice
  • lemon or orange slices to decorate
  • 1 cup sugar and zest of 1 lemon (for syrup)


  1. Start with syrup. Put sugar in a saucepan, add the lemon zest, pour 1 cup of water. 
  2. Bring to a boil and leave to heat until the sugar crystals do not dissolve. 
  3. Strain, cool and refrigerate for 1 hour.
  4. Connect to the Countess of coffee with 250 ml of syrup and lemon juice, stir. 
  5. Top up tonic. 
  6. Serve with ice and garnish with slices of citrus.
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How much coffee should drink: advise Ukrainian stars

Since many coffee theme close to the earth, Ukrainian celebrities talked about their attitudes to coffee. 

Oleg Vinnik , such as coffee treats balanced. Singer does not think so much miracle drink.

"There are people who drink 10 cups of coffee a day - reflects the singer. - I never understood how a" coffee to stay awake or vice versa, to get up early and drink coffee to be such a bodryachkom. First of all, I appreciate the coffee taste and this is why in recent years rarely drink it. In general, I love coffee "in Turkish" with spices, and even black tea with lemon and honey. "

In the artist Dmitry Koladenko Coffee strange attitude, he tells about it as if traces sweeps. 

"I have many years of drinking instant coffee, because I was out of genuine grinder - explains the love of the" quick "drink Dima Kolyadenko. - Then me someone gave grinder and coffee. But I did not like the smell of natural coffee. Once my doctors told many can not drink coffee, but a cup or two a day - that's it! that said, it is harmful, it is useful, but when a person wants something - to eat or drink. "

Potapov believes that better drink water instead of coffee. 

"We are now in the sport, judging by our faces, - said Potapov, examining myself and group members MOZGI. - We each concert as cardio-training, so we strongly baluyemos nothing."

But the singer and TV presenter Olga Tsybulska experienced the downside of coffee. 

"I sat down so that reached eight cups a day. Then, when the scene began to" fly heart, "the doctor said eight - a lot. Now I can drink 3-4 coffee a day and moved to a small portion" - says the actress.

Team Member RUMBERO'S Amador Lopez believes that most day - two cups. 

"Two up! - Amador teaches. - Sometimes it turns out that you do not need to sleep and then a little more. But try not to get involved. Coffee measure - it is always good - it can regulate the pressure."

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Did you know that ...

... of coffee can brew tea

The taste of the beverage from the leaves of coffee trees is no less interesting than the taste of the drink from its seeds. Tea, which can be brewed from the leaves of coffee is not as strong as the coffee directly, but has a rich flavor without the usual bitterness of the tea.

Moreover, coffee tea contains less caffeine and more antioxidants than regular black tea, and reduces the risk of diabetes and heart disease due to the high it contains special compounds.

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Drink philosophers. Scientists have found how coffee affects the human body 

According to research scientists from different countries, coffee consumption reduces the risk of premature death, helps lose weight, improves brain activity and suspends the aging process. 

According to legend, famous European philosophers and writers such as Søren Kierkegaard, Immanuel Kant and Voltaire adored coffee and could drink a few dozen cups of beverage a day. It is alleged they helped create, and, in the case of Voltaire and Kant, allowed to live to old age. 

However, some people still believe that coffee is extremely bad for the body, can cause serious heart disease. But edition Inc. gathered some research on this drink, and found that it can be more pluses than minuses. 

According to the survey, which was performed in Spain and the UK, people who use coffee became a habit to live 10 years longer than those who do not drink it regularly. In addition, according to the same survey, two additional cups of coffee a day reduces the risk of premature death by 30% in people over 45 years. 

Coffee also help those who want to lose weight. The work of scientists from the University of Nottingham, which is published in the journal Scientific Reports, says that caffeine burns extra fine brown adipose tissue, which may be in the area of ​​the neck, kidney, along the upper back and shoulders. 

And, of course, of coffee for intelligence, which allegedly used by European philosophers. Scientists at the Research Institute Krembil in Canada have shown that coffee has a positive effect on brain health and reduces the likelihood of developing Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. 

These antioxidants have medicinal properties fenilindany that appear during roasting coffee. This substance stops the accumulation of toxic proteins in the brain associated with Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's.


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