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The Custom Agreement
of project participants "Kava-map" (Coffee map) *
  1. Terms
  2. The right to property
  3. The rights and obligations of users
  4. The user is prohibited following
  5. The rights and obligations of the Project
  6. Rules for writing reviews and comments
  7. Responsibility for inclusion
  8. Protection of personal user data
  9. Trademarks
  10. Disclaimer
  11. Privacy Policy
  12. The use of "cookies" and other technologies
  13. final provisions
- registered or not registered in an individual project. The registered individual additionally have access to personal cabinet and the right to receive gifts for the feedback provided at the institution.
- coffee (cafe, etc.) in the project legal person granted access to personal cabinet, and by which it can build its own marketing platform and manages it.
- website located on the Internet at: https://www.kava-map.com
Personal office
- user-provided online service that allows access to manage their own data and monitor your own review
loyalty Program
- established institutions to check for discounts on the purchase of its products and / or services.
Marketing platform
- versatile full page advertising material facilities.
- Users who have additional technical law, including administrator has the right to remove, restore and protect the page, change user rights, block users, to advise users, and so on.

1.1. This document is an agreement between the project «Kava-map» (hereinafter - the Project) and the User, then - agreement.
1.2. This Agreement is subject to change without any notice. The new version of the Agreement takes effect from the moment of its online project https://www.kava-map.com , unless the new version of this Agreement or any other agreement between the Project and User.
1.3. Using Project User thereby acknowledges that it accepted the Agreement in full, without any reservations and exceptions.
1.4. In case of disagreement with any provision of this Agreement, Customer shall not use the Project. If the project had made any changes to the agreement, which the user does not agree, the latter must stop using the Project.

FOP Pilinkevych Yuri V. (record number in the USR 24150000000075873 from 17.08.2016) is the sole owner (hereinafter - the owner) of the Project and its website located at the domain https://www.kava-map.com (hereafter - Site) and personally owns the rights to all objects placed on the site, including the database program code, data and materials site. Use the Site confers's ownership rights to any content, code, data or materials, access to which it can refer to excluding content located in a private office and reviews left on marketing venues institutions.
2.2. Ownership of cards that are used to display project information are the American public of Google Inc.
2.3. Any copying of information is allowed only with prior permission of the Company.

3.1. The user may use the services of the Project under this Agreement.
3.2. The user is entitled All questions Support Project and receive timely and qualified help.
3.3 User may noncommercial use all the tools, services and functionality provided by the project.
3.4. User agrees to abide by this Agreement in a timely manner to meet its current version.
3.5. User agrees not to examine the code will not compile and does not dyzasembleruvaty it, modify project, or create your own derivative-based or part.
3.6. The use of information and any other elements of the project, perhaps only in the functionality offered by the Project. No element of the project, and no information contained within the Project can not be otherwise used without prior permission. When using means: play, copy, processing, distribution, etc.
3.7. To take advantage of the Loyalty Program Institutions user must bring a barista (employees of) uploaded to the gadget Institution logo printed on it with percentage discount that is automatically generated when using the service "Download discount coupon."
3.8. The user is solely responsible for the information posted on the Site.

4. The following actions are prohibited USER
4.1. Using project method that can prevent proper operation.
4.2. Conduct data mining, using robots, automated scripts or similar methods to gather information or for a different kind of interaction with the objects of the Project and for other users.
4.3. Copy and store data on local media or in any other way try to get (store) information on the project, in addition to the methods referred to in paragraph 3 of this Agreement.

5.1. The project must provide users access to use the Project.
5.2. The project shall provide adequate quality of services.
5.3. Violation by User of this Agreement, the Project may, without notice, unilaterally fully or partially limit the functionality or block access user to your project, delete all user data and deny the user in the future provision of services is not responsible for any damage that The user may be caused by such actions.
Violations of the Agreement also provides:
  • committing acts that in one form or another cause malfunction of the Site;
  • committing acts that negatively affect the reputation of the Company;
  • violation of the anti-spam policy;
  • Name and Logo Design to manufacture souvenirs and other products;
  • providing false information in a private office;
  • false public statements concerning the registration of the famous personalities and popular brands;
  • negative public statements about the direct competitors of the Company and the Project;
  • attract users to participate in other projects with the same or similar rewards system, and disseminate information about such projects on the Site;
  • misuse of information about the principles of the Project and create a negative reputation on sites, forums etc .;
  • other actions discrediting honor and dignity of the Company and the Project.
5.4. The Company may use user data in accordance with Clause 8 of the Agreement.

6. The rules for providing feedback on writing comments
6.1. When writing reviews and user comments must adhere to the rules and restrictions.
6.2. Ignorance of the rules and restrictions for placing information and resource site does not relieve users of the site of their execution, and in case of violations - from liability under these rules and laws of Ukraine.
6.3. The responsibility for the veracity of the information contained in the comments, questions and answers, comments, etc. is solely the author.
6.4. The site is prohibited:
  • post reviews on establishments (or product) that is not the result of personal user experience;
  • using feedback form for other purposes (such as trolling for sale ads, for matters other users);
  • accommodation foul language;
  • post messages for the purpose of provoking a sharp reaction of other members of the resource (trolling);
  • distribution of materials containing offensive language, threats, signs of discrimination on national, ethnic, racial or religious affiliation, defamatory, insulting, discrediting honor and dignity or business reputation or violates the privacy of other people, institutions or third parties, violates the rights of minors is vulgar or obscene, contains restricted information, including but not limited to state or commercial secrets, information about the life of third parties has signs of fraud claim rushuye other rights and interests of citizens and legal persons or legal requirements Ukraine.
  • create accounts, which simulates username Naming Service (administrators, moderators, etc.), or similar name already registered;
  • use text messaging capital letters, punctuation and special characters, except as governed by the rules of the language;
  • Entry political, appeals to violent change or overthrow of the constitutional order, seizure of state power; to change the state border of Ukraine; to riots, destruction of property, seizure of buildings or structures; aggression or the unleashing of military conflict; other activities and the publication of any messages, posting videos, pictures, prohibited by the legislation of Ukraine;
  • posting reviews, comments, etc. that repeat the content fully or partially previous reviews, comments, etc., including remote site to the Authority under this Regulation.
  • create one user two or more accounts.
6.5 The site is not welcome to post messages without information such activity and not related to topic resource.
6.6 You can post a review of the same institution several times. New Review should be placed no earlier than 30 days after the previous review. If posted a new review of the institution earlier than 30 days preceding his comment is automatically removed.
6.7 Site Administration reserves the right to delete comments, etc., which completely or partially within the meaning and content of repeated reviews, comments, etc. from other websites or other sources.
6.8 Site Administration, in its discretion, may further appeal to users from requesting copies of documents (voucher, receipt, etc.), confirming the visit to the institution and / or the purchase of goods. If the User for 5 days does not provide the requested documents, management reserves the right to delete messages to users which request was made.

7. Responsibility for inclusion
7.1. The responsibility for the veracity of the information contained in the reviews and comments, it is solely the author.
7.2. User comments verifiable Administrator after posting messages.
7.3. The user or institution which considers the information on this website is one that directly violates someone's interests, and the user who posted the information can contact the site to eliminate differences caused by this fact. These users should pre independently by communicating within a site, try to resolve contentious issues in their view, taking reasonable measures for this purpose.
7.4. The project is entitled at any time to terminate the Custom User Agreement, including if the user has violated any provision of this Agreement or these Rules, or committed actions which clearly indicate that the user does not intend to or is not able to adhere to these documents.
7.5. Administrator User in violation of the terms of this provision may delete information posted, review, comment, etc. block profile; User prevent access to the site.
7.6 System review site can use only private (physical) persons who are registered users. Review system is not intended for legal entities, individual entrepreneurs and / or representatives of legal entities, individual entrepreneurs. Including review system is not intended for distribution of any business, promotional information, and one that discredits others.

8. protection of personal user data
8.1. Project site is protected.
8.2 The Company is committed to protecting the personal information of the user. We follow generally accepted standards:
  • access to personal information only to project staff who need it to provide services to users;
  • design contracts with employees of the Company to protect the privacy of personal information of users;
  • registration with third party service providers of the Company, the privacy to prevent unauthorized use of personal information of users who have become known providers during the project.

9.1. The trademarks, logos, bullets, marks of service and maintenance, trade names, etc. (hereinafter - Trademarks) displayed on the Site or materials on this website are registered or unregistered trademarks of Companies, institutions and other owners and may not be used without their permission.
9.2. Nothing contained on the Site should not be regarded as a transfer of license or right to use any trademark without the written permission of the owner.
9.3. User's use of any trademark in violation of the relevant rights is strictly prohibited.

10.1. The project is provided "as is". From sites information may be incomplete or inaccurate, may not meet user expectations and may be subject to change and renewal.
10.2. Rights holders Project is not responsible for the possible harm that may be caused to users or third parties using the Project.

11.1. Privacy Policy Project apply to all users. Accepting the Agreement, the User confirms his consent to the processing of his personal data project.
11.2. The project collects and processing:
  • registration information provided by the User during the registration and use of the Project;
  • files cookies;
  • IP- address;
  • other information provided by the user in the interaction with the Project.
11.3. Company (Project) handles personal information only to provide users with high-quality services (identification, transfer of information materials by subscription, feedback, etc.).
11.4. Using the Project and providing personal information about themselves User gives his consent to its collection and processing.
11.5. Except as provided in Paragraph 9 of the Agreement, the Company does not disclose personal information to a third party or parties.
11.6. The company has the right to transmit personal information users provide full or in part to any third party without notice to the User in the following cases:
  • persons in charge, possession or ownership are transferred to the project;
  • persons who are related (affiliated) with the Company, such as companies that can be hired for payment processing, data storage,
  • hosting, marketing research, audit,
  • order fulfillment;
  • other users, the Project provides the appropriate functionality.
11.7. The user has the right to protect his personal information provided by the current legislation of Ukraine, in particular, the Law of Ukraine "On Personal Data Protection".
11.8. Under the current legislation of Ukraine, the user has the right to withdraw its consent to the processing of personal data by:
  • self-deleting information previously posted by users in a private office;
  • request to remove user data sent to the address: office@kava-map.com.
11.9. Disclosure of user-provided personal information may be made only in accordance with the laws of Ukraine at the request of the court, law enforcement, in other cases the laws of Ukraine.
11.10. Project on its behalf may send the User Advertising emails about new services, products and other information that may be of interest to him.

12. The use of "cookies" and other technologies
12.1. The project uses "cookies" (cookies) for registering users of services, individualization and optimization of the site. "Cookies" - small text files that are recorded on a hard disk computer. Each file contains information (including personal data) that can later be read by a web server domain that issued this User "cookies." In particular the "cookies" recorded the date and time of visit site users, registration information, session ID, history of visits.
"Cookies" make use Sites in many ways easier for users, including:
  • "Cookies" save time, eliminating the need to repeatedly enter the same information
  • "Cookies" allow the site to recognize registered users when re-visiting it and provide them with access to the results of previous searches, private office,
  • "Cookies" allow user safety by checking the information user enters when logging in, and thus can prevent fraud.
12.2. We try to make the site as easy as possible to use. For this purpose the project can work with third parties who use "cookies" on the Site followed in order to:
  • for recording and analysis of aggregate site usage and volume statistical data users;
  • to record user behavior on the site, such as page visits, filling out forms and acquisition services;
  • to assess traffic can consider the purpose of the activity;
  • for analysis and diagnostics of the site to improve the site and our services;
  • to determine the users who come to the site link with the site affiliates or sponsored links.
12.3. Users can enable or disable to "cookies". Most browsers automatically accept "cookies" but usually, the user can change the browser settings in a way to prevent their use. If the User blocks "cookies" perhaps he will not be able to register or enjoy the interactive features of our sites and services that use "cookies", but the user may be possible to navigate the site.

13.1. The project has the discretion to restrict user access to project at repeated violation of the Agreement or applicable to other's measures to comply with legal requirements, rights and legal interests of the Company and third parties.
13.2. The failure by the Company in violation of the User or third parties of the Agreement does not deprive the right to take appropriate action to protect their interests later.
13.3. The present Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine. Issues not covered by this Agreement shall be settled in accordance with the laws of Ukraine.
13.4. If for one reason or another one or more provisions of the Agreement is invalid or as having no legal force, it does not affect the validity or applicability of other provisions of the Agreement.
13.5. This agreement is in Ukrainian and placed on the relevant page.
13.6. User or other person who considers that his rights and interests affected by the action of the Company may submit a claim to the address: office@kava-map.com. Claims deals Technical Support Project in accordance with the general procedure for considering requests received.
13.7. On the issues of Users, or any third party can contact technical support at: office@kava-map.com.
13.8. For non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of their obligations Design and User liable under current legislation of Ukraine and this Agreement.
13.9. The Parties shall not be liable in case of force majeure, resulting in failure or improper performance of obligations under this Agreement.
13.10. The Company is not responsible for delays or failures in the performance of its obligations if their causes are beyond its control. This includes among other things, fire, strike, war, government regulations or other disposal of the competent authorities.

* «Kava-map» - the actual name of the Internet project first portal coffee Ukraine "Coffee map" , as well as the name of the project can be used the phrase "Coffee map."

for compliance with the provisions of and respect for other users!
Version of 15.05.2019.