Повернiть, будь ласка, телефон у горизонтальне положення.
Coffee sold online - sell with coffee map.
Our targeted traffic - your potential customers
What is your benefit?
7 Reasons for collaboration
  1. Coffee map - highly specialized project whose target audience are connoisseurs of coffee establishments that offer this drink and stores that specialize in selling coffee, sweets and coffee and related products.
  2. The "coffee shop" project "Map of Coffee" - an online service that helps shoppers find, compare, and make a choice to purchase goods. The intuitive functionality of the page makes it easy and fast.
  3. We do not sell, we will advertise your goods and products. Number of placed goods - unlimited.
  4. After placing goods on the project page, our visitors are your potential customers, and over 30 thousand. Users monthly.
  5. Our users - institutions of various sizes for coffee and regular coffee connoisseurs. This is your wholesale and retail potential buyers.
  6. 35% of users keep coming back to our site (according to Google).
  7. We guarantee full transparency and usability. Download the required information by importing files, .xml format or make information manually. In your profile you will see conversion statistics can store and manage data placement (output) clock. Our experienced professionals will help you if necessary.
What to promote?
Ad Format:
The product (coffee, sweets, accessories, etc.) with the name and description of the main features, price, photo and link to this product page in your Internet - shop.
How is it done?
The procedure for connecting the store in three steps:
  1. Apply
  2. Agree to Contract Joining the service
  3. Login to your account created for you (the study) and place products. Formats downloading materials - .xml; .xls or manually.
How much does it cost ?
Ad placement on the page - for free.
Payment shall be exclusively fact that the transition's website www.kava-map.com from the page "coffee shop" on the product page in your store.
Cost per click (CPC) = 1 USD.