Повернiть, будь ласка, телефон у горизонтальне положення.
About us…
First Portal coffee Ukraine "Kava-map" (Coffee map) * to unite in one Internet - ground coffee connoisseurs and institutions that prepare and sell it.
Coffee establishments visualized on a digital map "Map of coffee establishments" as markers
Internet - shops located at "Coffee shop" https://kava-map.com/shop
The project "Kava-map" (Coffee map) is built on the principle of Win-Win (gain - gain), whereby each project participant will enjoy its benefits!
Benefit Institution - visualization institution among the target audience of highly specialized design and increased profits as a result
User Benefits - get comprehensive information about the vending institutions, the possibility of discounts in residential project and guaranteed receipt of gifts by close cooperation with the project
"Kava-map" (map Coffee) - service narrowly directed and unique in its essence and approaches to transform an ordinary coffee consumption in value.
Our principles:
Nearest project plan:
Our goal - to become a member of the world market!

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