Parable: the best coffee 

The owner of one company, not coping with his business, began to look for an assistant. After a long selection, there were three guys left who were suitable for the vacant position. They all had their own special skills and abilities that would help them cope with the necessary work.

The last task for them was to instruct the owner of the company - to make coffee.

The first bought a jar of instant coffee and sugar in the nearest store, boiled water, made coffee and came with him to the office of the future boss.

The second found a good coffee recipe on the Internet, went to a special coffee shop for coffee and the necessary spices, and brought his coffee only when he had a good drink - for this he brewed coffee three times.

The third learned the phone number of a famous barista - a specialist in making coffee - and made him an order. Coffee from the famous barista was delivered and with him the guy entered the office of the owner of the company.

The owner of the company hired a third candidate. He explained his answer as follows:

- I do not need a person who knows how to make coffee. Therefore, the second guy did wrong, although his laudable courage in learning something new and the ability to do his job well. I also do not need someone who is chasing a quick result, despite the quality of work, as did the first new moon. And the third was not afraid to admit that he was not a coffee maker, but found a professional to do work that he could not handle himself. Only such a person is able to manage the company.

And then he smiled and added:

- However, maybe the whole point is that the coffee just turned out to be the best.

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