Coffee and psychology. The parable of coffee

One well-known psychologist, when asked what helped him most to master the secrets of his science, replied:

- My best teacher in psychology was coffee.

And when surprised people wondered how this coffee could be a teacher, he explained:

- A person is in many ways similar to coffee, which has a variety, taste, aroma and strength. Coffee beans are the foundation of human consciousness, and the tree where coffee beans grow is the world around man.

But just as you can make good or bad coffee from any coffee variety, you can grow a good or a bad person from any child, regardless of self-awareness and the world around them.

When making coffee, the task is that knowing the characteristics of the variety, you can influence the taste or aroma of the drink, using your knowledge of coffee and special spices. This is how wonderful coffee is prepared.

And the task of the psychologist is that, recognizing the peculiarities of human consciousness, he uses scientific knowledge and special techniques to help their patients become wonderful people.

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