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KRUVE device for lovers of ground coffee

The taste of coffee depends not only on the variety and roasting of beans, but also on the thickness of their grind. This is important when brewing in a French press, air press or drip coffee maker, and for machine espresso. At the same time no coffee grinder provides absolutely homogeneous grinding. 

KRUVE has created a simple system that allows you to quickly sift ground coffee, separating too large particles (they can then be ground again) and too small (they can be used for cooking or poured into a flower pot).

The device is a container where two sieves are inserted and coffee is poured. After that, the container should be tightly closed and shaken for about a minute. The upper sieve will retain too large particles, and the lower will miss too small and only coffee will remain in the middle, which is ideal for your brewing method. 

The site lists the ways to brew coffee with grinding ranges. For those who use only one method, a basic set with two strainers with the selected cell size is suitable. The most complete set, for $ 169.98, includes 15 sieves, from 200 to 1,600 microns.

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