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The hassle of coffee grounds: 8 ways to use coffee in the household

A cup of fragrant coffee in the morning is not just a charge of vivacity or a romantic way to say, "I love you." The thicket left at the bottom of the Turk, due to its properties can do a lot of good for home and garden.

Destroys the smell in the freezer. 

Take a jar of any product, pour coffee grounds into it, make holes in the lid and put in the freezer. This simple device will remove foreign odors.

Save your hands from the smell of garlic.

It is unpleasant and in an hour you can still smell the food you cooked. If you keep a little coffee grounds near the sink, you can wipe your hands at any time to get rid of any annoying amber (fish, onions, garlic). Bonus: the texture of coffee grounds acts as a scrub, so the skin of your hands will always be soft.

Get rid of the smell of shoes. 

With the help of the same product you can fight the stench in sneakers. The dried thicket is poured into a sock or stocking, tying it in a knot, and put this roll in shoes, shoes, slippers. There seemed to be no problem! Such homemade sachets can be laid out on the musty corners in the closet.

We scare the cat away from flower beds and beds.

Cats are great aesthetes: they enjoy using your hydrangea flower bed as a toilet. Are you against something? Hmm, strange, but your will: if you want to spoil the cat's pleasure, grind a little orange peel, mix with coffee grounds and sprinkle this mixture on the soil. Most cats do not squat next to this fragrance.

We feed our favorite plants. 

 Your garden or flowers on the windowsill will also say thank you for coffee: the thicket is full of nutrients such as nitrogen, and it can fertilize acid-loving plants: roses, azaleas, rhododendrons, evergreens. Dry slurry is poured on the soil surface in a flower bed or flower pot.

Nitrogen from coffee grounds, which helps your plants grow, is also suitable for compost heaps.

Clean dirty pots and pans. 

The grainy texture of coffee grounds will help remove dirt from kitchen utensils. Just pour a handful on the bottom of the dish, rub and rinse. Note: this advice is not suitable for dishes with a special coating that is easy to scratch.

Add to homemade deodorizing soap. 

If you are fond of home soap making, use coffee grounds as an additive. It will not only make the soap more effective in combating odors, but also give it a subtle aroma of your favorite coffee.

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