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Is coffee neutralizes alcohol?

Simultaneous action on the body of caffeine and alcohol is very different from the effects of these substances separately.

Alcohol and caffeine power engineering is a mixture of substances opposite effect: caffeine stimulates the nervous system, alcohol inhibits arousal. However, these substances do not neutralize each other, their action superimposed on one another and depletes the body is much stronger than alcohol and caffeine separately.

Coffee beans and really helps to eliminate toxins formed and excess alcohol from the body. She has a diuretic effect and eliminates the depressing effect of alcohol. Coffee beans excites the nervous system and the brain. On the other hand, it's not a very good method to get rid of a hangover or drunkenness. 

If you do decide to drink instant coffee to sober up, then we would recommend further drink 2-2.5 liters of water (or, for example, tea) to help the body remove toxins.

As you know, coffee, cooked in a coffee machine, only suspends the realization that a person is intoxicated. Because of this understanding can slow the effect of the so-called "sober intoxication". When it finds a person that can drink more, in fact has long exceeded its dose.

Caffeine also contributes to the removal of water from the body. Thus the effect of dehydration is reached and therefore hangover lasts longer. Because coffee and coffee machines really does not affect the neutralization of alcohol, it only gives the illusion of this process.

We can summarize that coffee can help get only the state of light intoxication and a small amount of time. But it's not very good for the future well-being. It is better not to risk it and do not mix alcohol and coffee.

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