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Coffee Turka - all the secrets

Coffee Turka - a real slow ritual oriental tradition that goes back to antiquity. Coffee-legged not appeared in Turkey, this cooking method was popular in many countries in the Middle East, North Africa, the Balkans, and even in the Caucasus. 

Vessel coffee in the Eastern Armenian srdzhep called in Arab countries - Dalla, Greece - Brik, Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Turkey - CEZVE. Turk was specific to the habit of calling northeast drink coffee, brewed in Turkish. How to cook perfect oriental coffee?

  • choice coffee

Coffee oriental drink unfiltered, so you should choose carefully preparing for its superfine grinding grain. If you prefer coffee beans, you can use a manual or electric coffee grinder and prepare their basis for future flavored drink.

Note the type of coffee, depending on the choice of coffee have a different flavor and aroma. Coffee-legged is better to take a mixture of Arabica and Robusta. 

  • The choice of Turks

The main requirement for good Turks - size. It should be small. Perfect size - is that enough for one serving of coffee. The shape of qualitative Turk must have a wide bottom and narrow as close to the top.

Previously, the Turks made of copper, and today this material also remains popular. Turks also made from aluminum, steel, brass, silver and even clay.

Choose model makers with a long wooden handle - it's convenient and beautiful, and the risk of burn steam is reduced to zero. The walls must be thick Turks to maintain the correct temperature cooking.

Before preparing coffee a little warm up Turks, and then fill it crushed grain.

  • water temperature

Feature coffee in the east that is brewed with cold water. The colder the fluid, the more intense taste and aroma of the drink. Water should be moist, soft and free of odors or mixture. What softer water, the sweeter the taste of coffee. For special coffee out, add a small pinch of salt water.

  • The temperature cooking

Coffee Turka does not boil, so the cooking process requires attention nespishnosti and tranquility. It is cooked over low heat or in the sand, in deep frying pan heated mixture of salt and sand, and it plunges Turk with coffee. Every time wants to boil coffee, interrupt the process of raising the Turks plates. 

  • Aromatic foam

Another feature coffee oriental - soft, thick foam. It focuses all tastes, so it can not be removed, and the precipitate discarded. It helps keep the foam in Turka delicate aroma of coffee, as if zapechatuyuchy all tastes within the Turks.

Foam cap during cooking rises to the edges several times. When you are finished brew coffee, Turks knock on the table and wait grounds not settle. Remove the foam with a spoon and put it on the bottom of the cup, which will pour a drink.

  • good service

Cups of coffee should be warm before use. They should be special - small in size with thick walls made of porcelain or ceramic that long to keep the temperature of the drink.

Drunk coffee in the east, as prepared, very slowly and with relish. Smakuyetsya every sip. For coffee is served a glass of cold water to be able to start and finish the meal with a breath neutral moisture.

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