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The magic of latte art. Part 1

Have you seen professional baristas spell over coffee, decorating it with stunning drawings? Want to try it too? 

This kind of drawing is called latte art, and anyone who says it's boring and uninteresting is lying, or has never drank coffee brewed by a master's hands.

Despite the name, the drawings are not only suitable for latte. They look great in a cup of cappuccino, as well as in a cup of strong espresso. And now you will learn how to create such mini-masterpieces at home and what it will take.

In order for something meaningful to appear in your cup, you will have to build up to patience and train hard for at least three months. But it's better to start shopping.

What will it take for a latte art?

Do not try to master the art of latte art with the help of household utensils that you will find at home. Even with a cup, you will eventually want to buy new ones to make them wider and to be porcelain.

The minimum of equipment you will need:

  • Coffee machine for espresso preparation and whipping of milk foam.
  • Pinscher - a small metal utensil with a spout. In everyday life, it is used to beat milk, but for you it will be the main working tool.
  • Wooden sticks, for example, toothpicks. With them, you will draw fine, clear lines. Or get a special drawing pen right away, and it's easier to work with.
  • Cocoa or cinnamon dispenser. A kind of dresser, just a very good one, with which you will create a background image.
  • If you wish, you can use different stencils and other toys, but the real pros are only good pinscher and, of course, good coffee.

Coffee and milk for latte art

Not only the technique of execution, but also the quality of the ingredients plays a huge role in creating the drawings. It is important to choose the right coffee, find high quality milk and beat it properly. Still, no matter how beautiful the design, the taste and aroma of coffee will always come first.

For latte art it is better to choose well-roasted coffee beans. They should be ground immediately before making the drink. First of all, it will improve its taste. In addition, foam is formed in properly brewed coffee - a sign of high quality beverage and a great base for drawing.

Before you make a latte art, you will need to practice the art of milk beating. To obtain a thick milk foam, it is necessary to take cooled to about 4 degrees milk of average fat (about 3%). You can shoot it directly in the pinscher, with the help of a steam tap, which is practically in every coffee machine.

The crane should be immersed by approximately 1.5 cm and the process takes no more than 30 seconds. It is possible to control the process of foaming of milk by the sound: it must be evenly hissed. For control of heating it is possible to use the special thermometer or to rely on the sensations, at the necessary temperature in 65-75 degrees to hold in hands a metal pincher is already unpleasant.

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