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Forbidden pleasure: coffee history Germany

The cultural history of German kavuvannya










Love Story Germans to drink coffee continues nearly 500 years. In 1582, Germany was the first country in Europe which have documented the coffee as a beverage.

Championship the pen German orientalist Adam Olearisa who traveled to Persia. In his diary he wrote about the observations that: "They (the Persians) ... drink some black water, called cahwa, made from fruits imported from Egypt that the color of wheat as usual ...".

Culture kavuvannya overtook Germany later - in 1670, when the Dutch physician Jan Dantz opened its first coffee shop in Bremen. Grains in northern Germany supplied merchants from England, and in the south - from Italy. The popularity of this drink went hand in hand with the discussion gatherings latest gossip. Moreover, after 40 years in Leipzig was printed newspaper called "News and curiosities coffee houses." The popularity of this drink and beat all records in 70 years of the XVIII century it began to serve breakfast, instead of the traditional warm beer and soup.

But like any phenomenon that has its adherents, coffee crowd soon overgrown fighters and hate. The government began to restrict the supply of the high cost of grains, the doctor issued a treatise on the dangers of coffee for the female body. Frederick the Great and completely published a manifesto urging people to stop drinking coffee in favor of beer, "King believes a soldier who drinks coffee, which expects to move all the difficulties of war or defeat the enemy." This struggle led to the prohibition of roasting and brewing coffee anywhere, except in the royal walls. To control the execution squad was created "wanted coffee" with the group "snuff taker" who walked the streets and prynyuhuvalys, do not smell coffee somewhere. Those who are caught for drinking or forced to pay a fine or sent to 2 years in prison.

But the people of Germany was ready to fight for their rights coffee, which led first to the relaxation mode, and after the abolition of all restrictions. The second time the Germans faced the "coffee crisis" after the Second World War, when the duty on coffee brands accounted for 26 per kilogram - the amount at that time is enormous. Fought with the situation contraband methods, but with good intentions. For example, many Germans moved it illegal coffee beans helped clothe and feed the family. And there in Schmidt Hubertus church was restored just in contraband such funds. However, since it is called "Holy Mocha." In 1953, German authorities took pity on the coffee lover and lifted a huge fee, making coffee is not the first drink of the country.

Incidentally, the Germans love Coffee confirmed by statistics: according to estimates, in the year one resident German drinks about 150 liters of coffee and only 120 liters of beer. The most popular drinks are considered latte macchiato and espresso that now the locals are drinking, not sitting in coffee shops and on the go.

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