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How to drink coffee as effectively as possible

Many people know that green tea contains much more caffeine (a substance that makes us cheer up) than coffee. And yet most people start the morning with coffee, rejoicing that it has helped them wake up, focus and prepare for a busy day. 

It should be understood that coffee is not always able to help, and this is our fault with you. We talk about how to get the maximum effect from coffee and not spoil your health.

  • Wait 15 minutes before drinking the first cup of coffee

Remember, every time you wake up (no matter how many hours you fall in bed) you want to sleep a little more. This condition, called "sleep inertia," usually lasts for 15 minutes. So, if at this time you drink your first cup of coffee, it is likely that the effect of it you will almost not feel, and therefore reach for the second cup. Well, a large amount of caffeine, as we know, does not lead to anything good in the end.

  • Take breaks between coffees

Drinking several cups of coffee in a row is useless. The fact is that the caffeine takes some time to act on your body. The maximum effect of it occurs about half an hour after use.

  • Do not abuse

A 400-gram cup of coffee contains about two hundred milligrams of caffeine. We know that this figure tells you little, but believe me, this dose is more than enough for your body. The fact is that this amount of caffeine allows the average body to reach peak performance, which means that the next cup of coffee will not change anything. Unless, of course, they add to the hustle and bustle.

The time that your body will experience a surge of energy from one cup is about two hours. After that, you can brew another cup.

  • Surprise your body

When coffee is prescribed in your diet as a regular, the effect of caffeine begins to go to zero. The body perceives the morning cup of coffee as a matter of course and is no longer activated when consumed. In this case, you simply will not feel any effect from caffeine. How to be? Give up coffee for breakfast, lunch and dinner and drink it only when you really need to cheer up. And in this case, the effect of caffeine will be just fantastic. Under its influence it will be easier for you to concentrate and concentrate. It will also help sharpen your feelings and even improve your memory.

  • Don't overdo it with caffeine sources

As you know, caffeine is not only found in coffee. In other drinks its concentration is even higher. Take at least the same green tea, not to mention cola and different energy drinks. So, if you constantly drink energy drinks or you do not have time to cool down on the desktop a small teapot with pu-erh, then be sure that the tonic effect of coffee your body will not feel. As they say, everything is fine in moderation, and caffeine is no exception.

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