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Woman with coffee aroma

Are you a passionate fan of natural coffee and do not think of your life without the magical coffee aroma? Especially for you we have prepared a unique selection of perfumes with coffee notes.

Such different and such unusual aromas will surely appeal to you, inspire new accomplishments and make you feel truly successful.

Good Girl, Carolina Herrera

The amazing perfume showcases the "dark" and "light" side of feminine power. Cocoa beans and notes of natural black coffee emphasize the passion and sexuality of the image. Tuberose and jasmine sambak - elegance and simplicity. The aroma of perfume is revealed very unexpectedly, offering one or the other side of the coin. The Good Girl Perfume Bottle is striking in its originality. He has the shape of a woman's high-heeled shoes. Such perfumes will probably be a great gift for the holiday.

George, Jardins d`Ecrivains

The fragrance of French perfumes George is remembered for by the famous writer Georges Sand. Talented woman preferred men's suits and smoked constantly. Smoky and thick notes will only remind you of freshly brewed coffee beans. A bit of freshness gives the aroma of bergamot and neroli.

Eau Noire, Dior

Dior offers you a wonderful fragrance that will suit both women and men. The perfume is dedicated to the estate of Christian Dior Le Col Noir, located in the south of France, far from the hustle and bustle of the city. The relaxing and refined aroma will give you real pleasure, immerse you in an atmosphere of comfort and comfort. The aroma is dominated by coffee notes, which are well combined with notes of blossoming lavender, cedar and vanilla.

Black Opium Nuit Blanche by Yves Saint Laurent

Black Opium Nuit Blanche Youth Perfume is created especially for a bright and unlike any young and independent girl, dancing at night in clubs and bright black eyes. In aroma, notes of freshly roasted strong coffee, flavored with vanilla, combine with amazing, gentle notes of rice, milk, creamy caramel and peony, as if exposing the essence of a young and unprotected soul.

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